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Referències 2019

Client: CCM EL Born — 2019
Services: Logo | Concept | Visual Identity | Art Direction | Graphic Design | Illustration

Graphic campaign for Referencies’ 2019 edition, a series of lectures and workshops centered around the role of historic memory in the contemporary world.

The first challenge we’ve faced has been to create a logo with the in-house typography of El Born CCM, the space that hosts the series.

We have compacted the word by dividing it and cut the letters E and F to draw an accent mark with the empty space. We then have coloured the E to emphasize the gesture and give it a touch of colour.

As for the visual language surrounding the cycle, we created a handful of dynamic abstract shapes with black holes textured inside, gradually resized and relocated, that would work as metaphors of history itself. The chosen colours are pure and bright in order to break with the seriousness that usually surrounds the field.