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Creative Studio.
Graphic Design & Art Direction

At COURE we like to create fresh and contemporary visual universes by using illustration, typography and other graphic resources that speak to the brand's values, taking care of every detail, from the design to the production process, so that the result can always be faithful to the original message.

Our mission is to capture the needs of our clients, making them feel at home and taking good care of them.

We think that bringing up different points of view result on an unlimited source of ideas.

COURE collaborates with Òrbita, the Barcelona-based audiovisual Collective.

Lluís Campos
& Júlia Gaspar

︎ Lluís is Graphic Designer, Art Director and Musician. After working five years at Sónar, it is fair to say that he knows everything there is to know about music festivals.

His career has been focused both in the Art Direction of several short films, something that expands his creative vision beyond the paper, and the artistic direction and graphic design of studios such as Buzz Marketing Networks and Toormix.

As a musician, he has collaborated in various projects as a drummer, Egosex, NUSband, Volans, HOM, and has also composed the soundtracks for short films.
︎ Júlia is Graphic Designer and Illustrator graduated in Fine Arts. She worked at Compañía for five years, a well-known studio dedicated to designing book covers for the most important Spanish publishing houses. This allowed her to achieve an extensive experience in the publishing sector and specializes in editorial design, even though illustration is what she loves.

Besides that, she has worked as a freelance for different clients and sectors creating designs and illustrations for wine labels, posters, packaging and branding.