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Client: COMING SOON FILMS / A Contracorriente Films — 2023
Services: Credits & Poster Design

Poster and credits design for the film “ELS ENCANTATS” by Elena Trapé.

COURE collaborated with Elena Trapé creating the credits and poster for the film “ELS ENCANTATS”. We have linked the design with the formal and conceptual aspects of the film (simplicity, minimalism, introspection and elegance).

Director Poster

La Torre de Papel

Client: La Torre de Papel — 2023Services: Logo | Concept | Identity | Art Direction | Graphic Design | Social Media

Branding for La Torre de Papel, a concept shop located in Menorca island.

La Torre de papel is a hybrid between a bookstore, an art store, and a multi-purpose space where you can find exhibitions, film cycles, and talks on different topics.

When designing the logo, we represented a tower ("torre" in Spanish) through the verticality of the letters and words. The rhombus has helped us finish some letters, and we have used it as the main element to play in the different supports.


Client: Sandré — 2022
Label: HotelRecords
Illustration: David de las Heras

Services: Art Direction | Graphic Design | Vinyl | Singles

We have designed Sandré's new album, the Barcelona punk group

Sandré is like an explosion; their sarcastic and brilliant lyrics make you laugh while their music doesn't allow you to be quiet.

For this album, called "Gestiones fáciles", the band wanted to show the irony of the title with the portrait David de las Heras made for the occasion. The woman, with a classical look and appearing calm, is burning inside, and the smoke comes out from all the holes in her face.

We have combined the painting with a crazy design and a complicated and messy lettering.

Singles Miedo la Vida, Perro & Millones


FiM Vila-seca

Client: The Good Good — 2023Services: Festival Identity | Art Direction | Graphic Design | Social Media

Festival identity for FiM, the emerging and family music fair of Vila-seca (Tarragona).

We have created a new universe of shapes and textures to continue with the graphic line that we created last year when we renewed and rebranded the fair.

The flashy and bold look and feel floods the city with color to make itself recognizable and invite the public.

IN-EDIT 2022

Client: IN-EDIT — 2022Services: Rebranding | Signage | Preproduction | Graphic Design | Social Media | Merchandising | Motion Printing studio (merchandising): L’Anacrònica

We have been in charge of the signage and rebranding for the 20th edition of our favorite Barcelona Music Documentary Festival.

We had the pleasure of rebranding this emblematic city festival for its 20th anniversary. We have created a logo that updates the brand and, at the same time, emphasizes the commemoration of the 20 years by weaving together the 20th with the lettering. This and the use of the Scotch Modern typeface provide an elegant and vintage look reminiscent of classic film premieres.

We have kept the original colors (white, red, and black), which are an unmistakable trademark of the house, and have maintained the original spirit of the festival.

For the cinema, we have chosen decorations that fit this classic look. We have placed red carpet throughout the main cinema hall, plants all over the place, spotlights, and catenaries with red cord.