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Client: Dianova — 2021Services: Concept | Campaign | Identity | Art Direction | Illustration | Graphic Design | Social Media

Graphic design, illustrations and art direction international campaign for DIANOVA. “Together, We Grow. The prevention of addictions an other risk behaviors starts in the family”.

Parents play a leading role in prevention. This involves establishing quality relationships with their children, and teaching rules, responsibility and self-reliance. The family is the ultimate place where the child can build their reference points. A good family environment enables them to assert themselves, gain confidence and acquire a good self-image.

For parents, it involves a role-modelling of acceptable alcohol-related behaviors; it involves teaching them a positive and safe use of technology, from an early age. It also involves promoting communication about these issues, recognizing the challenges children and teenagers may face and discuss these challenges. All of this is part of good prevention in the family.