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Client: Carlota Flâneur — 2022
Label: Hidden Track Records & Pértiga
Photographer: Silvia Poch
Make up: Helena Satorra & Claudia
Stylist: Mar Medinyà
Services: Art Direction | Graphic Design | Vinyl | CD | Cassette | Singles

We have created the concept behind Carlota Flâneur’s new release: her first album Uncertainity and two singles. We have also designed the vinyl, the CD and the cassette.

Carlota Flâneur’s songs create a universe in which thoughts are expressed simply and lovingly through soft melodies. A place where you don't have to pretend and where it's enough to be there. 

We created a fun world full of color, with a certain retro-futuristic aesthetic, where the singer felt comfortable and free, and where all those Carlotas that she carries inside her could have a place.

Singles Party and Lungs

CD and booklet