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Generation of the young flesh

Client: Carlota Flaneur — 2020
Director: Carles Pons Altimira
Cinematography: Albert Bada
Produced by Òrbita
Services: Art Direction | Credit design

Art direction in partnership with Òrbita, and credit design for Carlota Flâneur’s first video clip.

We have chosen a four-colour palette that allows us to understand that she is in a loop, and this palette is the same we have used for the credits.

“Repeating and automatism as a mirror and result of what society provides us in our time. Carlota is dressed in all the colours and is adapted to all the situations and environments with the same attitude. Generation of the young flesh represents the generation that has been born in a new world, at which the new things last little and don’t cost anything, as it happens with people. With Ariadna Montfort's big assistance we have translated these traumas into movements in a loop, interpreted in front of big frames of colour that helped to dramatise the absurd theater at which the society drags us to live“.