Dart Festival

Client: Dart — 2019 Services: Logo | Concept | Festival | Visual Identity | Art Direction | Graphic Design | Social Media

After a first experience with DART Festival in 2018, COURE was commissioned to create the identity and the whole artwork campaign for the 3rd edition of the festival, whose leitmotiv is the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus.

Dart is the first documentary film festival in Barcelona dedicated to contemporary art. Its main objective is to offer experiences related to art, visual culture and the artist’s life with the general public, presenting documentaries about contemporary art that pay special attention to artists, their creative processes and the stories behind their work.
The 2019 opening session was celebrated at the Phenomena Experience cinema, in Barcelona.

The hand program is a folded of paper that contains all the information about the festival and the documentaries.

For the social media campaign, we wanted to play with geometric shapes and flat colors in order to bring more texture to the language and enhance it. We also prepared a handful of motion graphics to present different sections of the festival.

Collserola is the web design studio we collaborated with. They adapted our design to run the website of Dart 2019.